Stuart is a videographer, editor and visual effects artist from Cumbria. He graduated University in 2009 with second class honours (1st division) in Film and Moving Image Production. Since finished University he has set up his own business, Comely Media.
This is a selection of work created by Stuart through University and in his spare time before starting Comely Media.

University Work
This is a selection of clips from some of my University work in Editing and Visual Effects.

Comely (Beautiful)
This is a short film piece created with a variety of beautiful shots from around Furness, Cumbria.

Motion Star
This is a short experimental piece using motion graphics to create a star that moves to music.

Bless Me Father
This is a section from a 13min short film I created several years ago called Bless Me Father.

Trench Fever
This is a short film created with my brother while he was working on a archaeological dig.

Frozen Beach
This is a short film created one day while there was snow and ice all around. Filmed on a local beach.

Prize Fight
This is a section from a 15min short film I created a few years ago based in Victorian Barrow.

This is a showreel of all my work pre Comely Media. Including Uni work and personal work.

About Comely Media

Comely Media is a media business based in Cumbria run by videographer
Stuart Appley. Stuart graduated University with a 2.1 in Film and Moving
Image Production and soon set up Comely Media. His aim to provide
affordable and professional video production to small and large businesses
alike. Comely Media provides a variety of video production products from
web videos to corporate videos to short films. All your video production needs
Comely Media can provide.


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You can also contact Comely Media by using the contact form here.

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